Assessment - douging

My first weekend with the CJ2A since 2004-ish. With few goals in mind I focused on making assessments on the overall condition of the Jeep and of specific components and systems. I'm overall very happy with how this 71 year old vehicle has aged. I was only really concerned with two issues: does the engine spin freely and is there any structural rot in the frame. Both are in fine shape and we can begin planning the next few projects.


  • Engine

    Front crankshaft pulley with 1 3/8" nut. Engine turns freely so I don't care how much oily residue is on everything. 2019

  • Engine

    Engine bay. It's wet from spraying penetrating oil on fasteners (not leaks). So simple but alien to my fuel-injected mind. 2019

  • Carburetor

    Carburetor. No leaks - that's penetrating oil. But everything has a corrosive finish to it that might be exaggerated by the camera. 2019

  • Frame

    Rear crossmember. The frame has rust but seems to be limited to the surface and not rotting through. There's even scraps of paint left. 2019

  • Body

    Looking up at the middle of the underside. Whole sections are missing and there's not much good metal left to attach new pieces to. I haven't seen any good metal yet that can be welded. 2019